Hello Plunker!

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Morningtime Thoughts

Since i can remember im one of those people who is always up all night,& please don't accuse me of being a vampire...i'm sick of that. i have pale skin and hate the sun but, in the morning making videos of birds. and recordings of birds, and strange music and the view out the window in the bathroom, i am nothing like a vampire... I'm not like those guys on twilight. They like men. And I do not swing that way. And if you sleep at night, I'm not like you. We really have nothing in common. You go out there during the day, good luck with that. I do not. I'm still trying to wake up at that point.. if i'm awake at all...By the time regular people are falling asleep I really hit my stride with caffeine. In the morning, we who have been up all night put giant paintings up in the windows when it starts to get light out, the world wakes up and we wind down, letting that hole in the ozone layer do its work on other people. but what i want you to take from this is that i hate the sun, and when we meet you will see how white white my skin is just whiter than white, just the most white ever, could maybe qualify as clear even.. and you'll know why.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

@/\/7|$()(|@|_ /*(_)|2$(_)|7$ - programmer?

You may know me as the guy that makes weird songs on soundcloud, but lately, I've been working with the Adobe Extendscript Toolkit to write automatons for graphic designers using Illustrator cs6. This has led me to discover lots of cool new technologies. First and foremost : JavaScript. Is it possible that coding is going to ruin my creative impulse, suck the life out of me and leave me a shriveled up shell of my former self? Maybe. But a year ago I started watching MIT opencourseware videos on programming, started trying to program at least a little bit each day, and I feel I am on the road to doing scripting for a living. Your results may vary. If you are bored and sick of what you're doing for a living, I have to say, I can't recommend programming enough. If anything, I feel like thinking about tough problems and how to solve them will only make my other art, and music, better.